The 9 Powerful Benefits of Fish Oil Pills and How to Find the Cleanest and Purest Supplement


Fish oil pills are some of the top health supplements on the market, and most health food experts agree that taking a fish oil supplement is one of the best things that you can do to stay healthy.

Of all the natural health foods, fish oil has so many amazing benefits, and you will be hard pressed to find a better supplement than real 100% fish oil. Sure, it may not taste great in its natural liquid fish oil form, but the benefits of taking fish oil for lowering cholesterol or Omega3 fish oil for depression definitely outweigh the unpleasant taste of the liquid.

The good news is that the fish oil supplement is made into a delicious pill form that is much easier on your taste buds and on your stomach.

What Kind of Fish Oils Are There and Which Are Considered the Best?

A pile of fish oil pills.There are fish oils that come from around the world, though some are better in quality than others.
Many people believe that Norwegian fish oil is the best fish oil supplement, though many argue that the liquid fish oil from New Zealand is just as good.

Why are these considered the best of the fish oil pills?

Of course you know that mankind has been dumping all kinds of garbage and chemicals into the ocean, which causes pollution. Well, this pollution is actually being absorbed into the fish that swim in the ocean, meaning that the fish meat you are putting in your mouth may have some kind of chemicals in it.

The pollution, however, doesn’t really sink deep into the ocean, but it sort of floats near the top layers of the ocean. This means that any fish that swim in deep water tend to avoid most of the pollution, thus ensuring that fish caught deep in the ocean are as free of heavy metals and other harmful chemicals as possible.

Cold Waters and Deeper Waters Are Cleaner

Cold water sardines are very high in omega 3 content.The fish that are caught in the Norwegian fjords and the ocean around Norway live in cold water, and the pollution is less in cold water.

In addition the fish living near Norway and New Zealand tend to live in deeper water, and the cold, deep water around these countries are about as pollution-free as it gets.

This means that the fish that are caught in these areas have very little risk of pollution, thus ensuring that you are at very little risk when it comes to eating the fish or drinking the fish oil liquid.

9 Powerful Fish Oil Benefits?

Fish oil pills and supplements has many amazing benefits, and you will find that Omega3 Fish oil can do many awesome things once it gets into your body:

1) Fighting off High Blood Pressure

Heart disorder is one of the main killers in the United States, and high blood pressure is one of the main culprits.

Did you know that fish oil can help to thin out the blood in your arteries, thus reducing your high blood pressure and your risk of having heart problems? Even just taking a few grams of the oil per day can do wonders in giving your heart a fighting chance.

2) Lowering Cholesterol

When it comes to fighting off cholesterol, it doesn’t get much better than fish oil pills for lowering cholesterol.

Fish oil and cholesterol don’t mix, as the fish oil helps your body to burn the unhealthy fats that it stores in the form of triglycerides. You will find that taking fish oil will help to boost your good cholesterol as well, thus helping your body to be able to fight off the bad cholesterol all on its own.

3) Helping Your Brain Beat Depression

The fish oil depression effects are quite awesome, though many people scoff at this oil’s ability to fight off emotional disorders.

The reason fish oil works is that it is a form of fat that your brain needs in order to produce neurochemicals, chemicals that help the brain to work well.

When not enough of these chemicals are produced, all kinds of problems begin to threaten – and emotional disorders like depression is just one of them. By getting enough of the fatty acids in the form of fish oil, you can help fight off depression.

4) Raising the Good Cholesterol Levels to Counter Diabetes

Those with diabetes tend to be slightly overweight, and their good cholesterol levels are much lower than the high levels of triglycerides in their body.

By taking the fish oil Omega 3 fatty acids, you give your body a chance to eliminate the triglycerides and raise your good cholesterol levels to fight off the diabetes.

5) Prevents Swelling (Arthritis)

One amazing thing about fish oil is that it is very effective at helping to prevent swelling. This is an excellent thing for people who suffer from arthritis, which is basically swelling in the joints. When your joints get swollen, they press against your bones in a very painful way.

If you can prevent the swelling by taking the Omega 3 fish oil, you will find that you will suffer much less from joint pain.

6) Necessary Omega 3 Help Kids with ADHD

Kids suffering from ADHD and other attention disorders are often missing some of the brain chemicals that help them to focus and concentrate.

These brain chemicals are found in Omega 3 fish oil, so taking some of these chemicals in the form of fatty acids can do wonders to help your child with his or her ADHD.

7) Dealing with Skin Conditions

Many people find that taking Omega 3 fish oil pills is one of the best things to do to help deal with skin conditions.

The fish oil contains a good amount of Vitamin E, which helps to protect the skin against damage and infections. The fish oil can also help clear up a number of skin conditions like photo dermatitis or psoriasis.

8) Keeping Your Eyes Young

When the cells in your eyes begin to degenerate, your eyesight will begin to decline as well.

By taking fish oil, you actually slow down the degeneration of the cells in your eyes, thus ensuring that your eyes work as well as possible for as long as possible.

9) Positive Effect on Cancer

There are actually a number of different kinds of cancer that can be affected by the fish oil in a positive way.

For example, colorectal cancer is one that can be effectively combatted by fish oil, as it helps to reduce the swelling that leads to the spread of the cancer.

Breast cancer is also believed to be affected by the fish oil, and taking fish oil is supposed to help reduce the risk of developing breast cancer.

Many doctors believe that men that take the fish oil actually have a much lower risk of prostate cancer as well.

Wow, isn’t it amazing what just a bit of oil can do?

Fish Oil Pills: Do You Need a Fish Oil Supplement?

Picture of one big fish oil capsule.Many people ask, “So, do I need to take a supplement like this fish oil supplement?”

The simple answer to that question is: ABSOLUTELY.

Most people that tell you that you need a fish oil supplement have an agenda to make a sale, but this site is all about providing you with information on health supplements to keep you in great shape.

Of all the health supplements, fish oil – while being one of the least palatable – is probably one of the best for you. If you are interested in staying healthy for many long years to come, you may want to consider taking fish oil pills.

Think about It …

If you live in the United States, your risk of heart disorders is much higher than in many other parts of the world due to the simple fact that you eat food that is high in cholesterol and fats.

By taking the fish oil, you will basically be giving your heart a daily boost that will help clear out all the cholesterol and stored fat, thus reducing your risk of heart problems.

If you have a problem with being a bit overweight, you can boost your metabolism and speed up your body’s digestive system by taking the fish oil. This means that your efforts to lose weight will be more effective, and you won’t have to worry about diabetes or other problems that are the result of weighing more than you should.

These are just a few examples, but the truth is that it is important that you do what you can to stay healthy. Sure, it may be expensive, but is your health worth any less than the best?

What Kind of Fish Oil Capsules Are Best?

There are many kinds of fish oil capsules for sale, and it is important to know which ones are the best. After all, if you are going to invest in the fish oil supplement or fish oil pills, it is essential that you really get your money’s worth.

Many people find the labels on their Carlson fish oil, Nature Made fish oil, or Spring Valley fish oil bottles are confusing, with one saying “100% pure fish oil”, another saying “Pharmaceutical grade fish oil”, and still another saying “Best fish oil supplement”.

Make sure the read the label carefully before choosing your fish oil.What should you look for when looking around for fish oil pills or other fish oil supplements?

  • 1) Make sure that the fish oil is obtained from the meat of the fish, not the strange inedible parts of the fish like the head, organs, or tail. If you don’t eat these parts, there is no reason that you should consume the oil from these inedible parts. Make sure that the flesh of the fish is used to make the oil, and ONLY the flesh.
  • 2) Find the supplements that contain Omega 3 fatty acids, and don’t just try and find fish oil. There are all kinds of fish that contain almost no Omega 3 acids, and the fish oil made from these fish won’t do your body any good.

    Make sure that you find the fish oil supplements that actually contain Omega 3 fatty acids in order to ensure that you get all the good stuff from the fish supplement.

  • 3) Read the label to find out how much of the tablet is fatty acids. The more fatty acids it contains, the less random fish oil is used in the product. On the flip side, the less fatty acid is contains, the more random and possibly unhealthy fish oil is being used.

    Make sure the Omega 3 comprises as much of the fish oil pills as possible in order to be certain that you are getting a supplement worth its value.

  • 4) Avoid anything that says it has been “molecularly distilled”. The process of molecular distillation ensures that all the pollutants and chemicals have been removed, which is a good thing.

    However, the process also gets rid of all the natural fatty acids, and so the companies have to infuse the oil with artificially produced fatty acids. Besides, if so much distillation was needed to get rid of the pollutants, that specific fish oil can’t possibly be good for you.

  • 5) Make sure that the fish oil has been screened to be as healthy and free of diseases as possible. Remember that it is hard to avoid the pollutants in the ocean, but screening the fish oil will ensure that it is as healthy as possible.

Side Effects of Fish Oil

Most people think that fish oil pills are great, and they really are as awesome as they are made out to be.

However, keep in mind that all natural supplements have the potential for side effects, and the fish oil tablets have the same risk.

Despite all the fish oil benefits, you have to know that fish oil supplements can cause side effects if the fish oil dosage you are taking is too high.

Some of the side effects of fish oil include:

  • Allergic reaction
  • Bleeding problems
  • Low blood pressure
  • Reduced immune system
  • Arrhythmia in patients with a defibrillator
  • Heavy metal poison (if the fish oil hasn’t properly been distilled)

Despite the risk of these side effects, you can rest assured that the fish oil will really provide you with many of the amazing benefits above – and many more besides!

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