Benefits of Fish Oil for Dogs: All About Healthy Omega 3 Dog Food Supplements


Finding the right dog food supplements such as fish oil for dogs can be surprisingly hard for many pet owners, especially if their dogs are very picky with their food.

Some dogs just won’t eat anything you set in front of them, which is why it is so hard for many pet owners to find the right supplements for dogs.

If you are trying to keep your dog healthy, feeding it the right dog supplement will be important. If you aren’t sure what to give your little pet, why not consider fish oil for dogs?

While cats may be more prone to eating fish, you will find that many dogs will also eat the fish gladly.

However, rather than giving Fido real fish, you may want to consider giving your pet fish oil instead.

Fish oil for dogs contains all of the nutrients that you get from fish, but it will actually be a lot easier for the dog to eat.

You can simply mix it in with a bit of ground beef or some favorite dog food, and you can easily get your dog to take the fish oil and stay healthy.

Fish Oil for Dogs and Supplements for Dogs – Right or Wrong?

Choosing the right dog food supplements for your pooch can be fairly difficult, especially due to the fact that there are so many different supplements for dogs on the market.

Fish oil for dogs is just one of the many dog food supplements that you can find for Rover, and there are many more options with “premium”, “Enriched”, and “Just as good as natural____” written all over these supplements.

However, does your dog even need supplements in the first place?

The answer to the above question is: it all depends on the diet.

Consider It Carefully When Adding Dog Food Supplements to Your Dog’s Diet

If you buy a good brand of dog food for your pooch (the kind that is made with real meat bits and has vitamins in it), you won’t need to worry about giving your dog supplements for dogs.

However, if you purchase the lower quality (and lower cost) dog food brands or you feed the dog a diet of food that is made at home, you may need to add the vitamins and nutrients yourself.

This is because many of the foods that you feed your pooch will only have certain nutrients in them, and you may not be able to give the dog a balanced diet.

Be Careful with Dog Food Supplements to not Give Your Dog too Many Vitamins

You need to know that giving your dog special dog food supplements that contain vitamins can be dangerous, as it can cause problems if they get too much of the various vitamins.

If they already have a healthy diet, you can actually cause them harm by giving them too much of these vitamins.

Vitamin D can result in bone damage and muscle atrophy if given in too high quantities, while too much calcium can cause problems with the dog’s skeleton.

It is important that you check with your vet before giving anything to Fido, as you may end up causing the little guy harm if they eat too much of certain vitamins.

There are certain supplements that are highly recommended by veterinarians, such as Omega 3 dog supplements that contain fatty acids. The fatty acids actually help to make the dog’s coat look glossy and healthy, and fish oil for dogs have many benefits which we will talk about below.

The Benefits of Fish Oil for Dogs

There are many reason that fish oil for dogs is highly recommended, and there are many benefits of fish oil for dogs:

Benefit of Fish Oil for Dogs #1:

Omega 3 Dog supplements can help to clear up any allergies that your dog may be experiencing, as well as autoimmune disorders.

If your dog is suffering from any of these problems, it may be as a result of insufficient Omega 3 and other fatty acids in their diet. By giving them fish oil, you can help them to get enough essential fatty acids that will strengthen their immune system and help fight off the allergy.

Benefit of Fish Oil for Dogs #2:

Fish Oil for Dogs can help to avoid mental problems.

Many dogs have mental problems, such as being mentally challenged, slowing down as they age, etc.

All dogs, regardless of their age and activity level, will be benefited greatly by the omega 3 in fish oil for dogs. The Omega 3 acts as a stimulant to the brain, helping it to produce the neurochemicals that are essential for brain health.

It won’t make Fido too much more intelligent, but it will certainly keep things from heading in the opposite direction.

Benefit of Fish Oil for Dogs #3:

Fish oil for arthritis is actually one of the best ways of preventing this joint problem.

Many dogs begin to suffer from arthritis as they age, and it can cause them to slow down, be unable to sleep, and be in a lot of pain.

However, fish oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory, so giving the dog fish oil can help to prevent their joints from swelling up.

This fatty acid is actually recommended for humans with arthritis problems, so giving a healthy fish oil dosage for your dog can help to reduce any pain that they feel from their arthritis.

Benefit of Fish Oil for Dogs #4:

There are many inflammatory disorders that can afflict your dog, but fish oil is effective at getting rid of inflammation.

If your dog has inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatoid arthritis, or ulcerative colitis, you can use the anti-inflammation properties of the fish oil to help deal with the problems.

You can actually provide a great relief from pain for your dog, as these inflammatory diseases tend to be quite painful.

Benefit of Fish Oil for Dogs #5:

Cardiovascular problems are not uncommon in dogs, many of whom die of heart attacks or heart failure.

Omega 3 is excellent at strengthening the heart, as it helps to thin the blood and boost circulation.

Dealing with heart problems in dogs can be difficult, but the fish oil containing Omega 3 can be beneficial and prevent heart problems from worsening. This includes blood clots, hypertension, cardiac arrest, and arrhythmias.

Benefit of Fish Oil for Dogs #6:

High triglycerides are just as much a problem in dogs as they are in humans, as they can cause blood clots to form and prevent blood from reaching the heart or brain.

When this happens, strokes and heart attacks are inevitable, which is why it is highly recommended that you give your pooch fish oil for dogs. Fish oil helps to thin out the blood, meaning that it is much less likely that blood clots will form.

This is one of the main benefits of fish oil, and you will find that you can keep your dog healthy with fish oil for heart health.

Benefit of Fish Oil for Dogs #7:

All dogs love to roll around in the dirt, and they often get infections of the skin and coat.

When this happens, the dog may end up with a sickly looking coat, and you may see that your dog is constantly scratching itself.

If this is the case, giving Fido fish oil will help to get rid of the problem. Fish oil boosts the immune system, thus helping the body to fight off the infections that are causing the skin condition and unhealthy coat. Fish oil for skin health is excellent.

Benefit of Fish Oil for Dogs #8:

High cholesterol is a problem, but fish oil for lowering cholesterol and elevating the good HDL cholesterol is very effective.

Higher HDL cholesterol levels means that your dog’s body will be able to dispose of the bad cholesterol, thus keeping its total cholesterol levels to a healthy low. While cholesterol is usually more of a problem for humans than for dogs, it is certainly becoming much more of a concern in recent years.

In order to keep your pooch’s cholesterol under control, consider fish oil for dogs.

Benefit of Fish Oil for Dogs #9:

As the fish oil helps to nourish the brain, so too it helps to form growing puppies properly.

It can help to avoid learning difficulties in dogs, and will help to regulate their moods. There are occasionally problems with the development of the puppy’s eyes and brain during its fetal stage, but the DHA in fish oil is essential in improving the proper development of the puppy.

It has actually been proven through various studies that puppies that have enough DHA in their bodies are actually smarter and easier to train than puppies that do not.

While this may be simple wishful thinking, imagine if you really could house train your puppy from a very young age thanks to the fact that he is smarter due to enough DHA in his diet.

Benefit of Fish Oil for Dogs #10:

Cancer is not a serious problem for all dogs, but the instances of canine cancer have increased in recent years.

Fish oil is believed to help fight cancer, as it prevents the inflammation of cells that accompanies cancer. If you are worried about your dog getting cancer, you may want to consider fish oil dog food supplements as a means of preventing the problem before it becomes a serious threat.

Choosing the Best Omega 3 Dog Supplements and Fish Oil for Dogs

If you are serious about getting Omega 3 dog supplements, it is important that you know how to choose the right one.

Pretty much anyone can slap an Omega 3 label onto any product (“Look, your fridge and curling iron are now also enriched with Omega 3!”), so it is important that you actually know how to investigate and find which Omega 3 dog supplements are the best for your pooch.

If you are on the prowl, here are a few things to keep in mind as you look for great fish oil for dogs supplements:

  • Find a fish oil product that is made with the right kind of fish. The larger fish like salmon may be tastier for your pooch, but there is also a higher chance that the fish will contain mercury and other toxins. In order to ensure that there are no risks of heavy metal poisoning, try and find a dog food supplement that is made with smaller fish like sardines and anchovies, or tuna at the very least.
  • Look for the fish oil supplements that contain as much Omega 3 fish oil as possible. There are many fish oil products that you can find, but not all of them have the levels of Omega 3 that you want.
  • Make sure that the EFA, EPA, and DHA are all listed on the label. There are certain products that will not tell you exactly what is contained in the product, and they should be avoided.

    Find the products that don’t contain filler oils, but that contain high amounts of EPA and DHA.

  • Find out exactly where the fish oil is manufactured, as that will be an important indicator in the quality of the fish oil for dogs.

    The best fish oil tends to come from Norway, and you should always try to find fish oil for dogs that is produced around this country.

    There are other countries that produce suspect fish oil, so do your research into which country makes the best fish oil supplement.

  • Make sure that the oil actually is 100% pure. There are many fish oil products that contain filler oils, and this stuff is pretty foul for your poor dog that has to eat it.

    The purer oil will have none of the dangers of poorly processed fish oils, meaning your dog will be much safer when eating it.

  • Make sure to smell the fish oil before giving it to your dog. While it may seem like a strange condition, you have to know that fish oil spoils far faster than other forms of oil.

    If it smells terrible (more terrible than it already does), it may be rancid or rotten.

When Should I Consider Omega 3 Foods for My Dog?

If any of the below questions can be answered with a yes, you may want to consider giving your pooch fish oil for dogs.

  • Is your dog always scratching his coat, and does his coat look very dry or scaly?
  • Does the dog’s skin actually smell bad, like it is infected, and is it very itchy for the dog?
  • Is your pooch’s coat looking dull and lifeless, like it no longer has any color?
  • Is the coat drying out and getting very sparse, like hairs are falling out?
  • Is your dog constantly chewing or gnawing on his paws like they are the latest bone he dug up?
  • Does your dog have one of those nasty ear infections, the one that comes with all the black goop?
  • Is your dog constantly tired, fatigued, and spends all day sleeping due to exhaustion?
  • Is your dog so picky about his food that he never eats anything, thus losing weight at alarming rates?
  • Is your dog’s immune system working so hard to fight one infection after another that it seems like the dog is always sick?
  • Are you sick and tired of hearing your dog scratching him all day long?
  • Have you already tested the dog for allergies, tried antibiotic creams and medications, but found that nothing works?
  • Does your vet hesitate to give cortisone injections even though it is the only thing that works?

Flaxseed Oil for Dogs?

Many vets recommend flaxseed oil for dogs, as it too contains a high amount of essential fatty acids that are needed by your pooch.

Fish oil for dogs is stronger and will work better, as it contains more Omega 3 and other fatty acids than flaxseed oils.

However, if your dog has a strong allergic reaction to the fish oil, or it just plain doesn’t want to eat the stuff, you may want to consider flaxseed oil. It is an effective alternative that will provide many of the same benefits as fish oil, but will usually be much cheaper while not quite as efficient as fish oil.

A Few Dog Food Brands

Fish Oil for Dogs: What about Science Diet Dog Food?

If you are looking for a good dog food brand and your dog is not too picky, you may want to consider Science Diet dog food.

The food is actually made with fresh chicken, meaning your dog will love it. It has no corn, meaning no empty calories, and it is the result of studies of what foods are the best for your dog.

With a bit of fish oil for dogs added, you can feed your dog just what it needs.

Fish Oil for Dogs: Wellness Dog Food

Wellness dog food is an organic dog food that you can feed your pooch, and this organic dog food is free of animal fats, meat byproducts, soy protein, and other things that could cause allergies in your pooch.

If you want to give your dog the best organic dog food you can find, consider adding fish oil for dogs to its bowl of Wellness dog food for a healthy meal.

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