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Review of the Best Fish Oil Supplements: The Importance of Fish Oil Comparison


Finding the best fish oil by doing a fish oil comparison of brands is important. Finding the best of everything is important, as that is the only way to be certain that you are getting health products that will deal with your problems without causing further problems.

Going the natural route can be hard, which is why finding the best and most effective product is the way to go.

If you want to find the best fish oil supplements, you may want to read the fish oil reviews of the top brands at the bottom of this page.

You can learn lots about the best fish oil benefits, what the best kind of fish oil is according to international fish oil standards, how often you should take fish oil vitamins, things to look for as you compare fish oil supplements, and how your fish oil comparison can show you which brand is the best for you.

Sure it may be lots more work than you wanted to do, but spending time learning a bit more about fish oil and all its features, side effects, and brands is important.

Why Read Fish Oil Reviews

Why should you read fish oil reviews anyways? After all, aren’t the stuff they sell in stores or on the internet good?

The answer to that question: yes and no.

Most of the products sold in stores are going to be healthy and have passed all the tests, but some of the products may not be as effective as you might want.

For example, Spring Valley fish oil is a much more economical brand, while Norwegian fish oil is some of the best fish oil … and most expensive.

You wouldn’t know that by reading the reviews on the fish oils, and you would automatically choose the cheapest product that may turn out to be less effective than you might want.

However, by investing some of your valuable time into reading more about fish oil supplements and glancing even briefly at fish oil reviews, you can find out which brands are the purest, which will be the most effective, and which will be the most worth their (usually higher than normal) cost.

Yes, it might be a lot of work, and you may not feel like you have the time. But isn’t it better to spend no more than 20 to 30 minutes studying up on something before buying it, as that will help you to save money?

After all, if you have to go back to the store to buy a new product seeing as the one you bought isn’t working, you will end up spending more time and money on it than you had wanted.

Tips to Find the Best Fish Oil Supplements

Finding the best fish oil supplements is important, as only the best products will be free of harmful stuff while providing your body with all the best fish oil benefits (see the next section to find out what exactly these benefits are).

So how can we know which are the “best fish oil supplements” from among so many others on the shelf?

Here are a few things to look for when shopping for the best fish oil:

  • Its Origin – You aren’t going to get a back story on how this fish oil came to be packaged in the bottle, but you should at least find out what kind of fish was squeezed to make the product.

    The best fish to use are the ones that are find in cold water, such as tuna, salmon, mackerel, cod, halibut, and herring.

  • Its Dosage – The top fish oil supplements are the ones that contain at least 60% or higher Omega 3 in the product, though many come with only 30%, which is still good but not “the best”.

    Most capsules contain 30% Omega 3 while most liquid fish oils contain 60% or higher (but remember that the capsules taste better).

  • Its Freshness – Fresh, fresh, very fresh…This should be your motto when looking for fish oil supplements. The fresher it is, the more benefits it will have.

    Fish oil, like all oils, has a fairly short lifespan, so it is important to get fish oil that is as fresh as possible. Not only should the oil be fresh, but it should be made from fresh fish as well.

    If not, all the antioxidants in the supplement will be wasted dealing with the nasty stuff that forms when things get old.

  • Its Purity – When it comes to fish oil, purity is incredibly important.

    Remember that the ocean is full of chemicals and wastes dropped into it by mankind, and these harmful things get into the fish. If the fish oil isn’t very pure, it will also get into you, so it is essential that you find fish oil that is as absolutely pure as possible.

  • Its Naturalness – If the fish oil isn’t in its natural form, how could you think to call it a “natural” supplement?

    The best fish oil products are the ones that are purified and filtered to remove all the bad stuff, but it is still left in its natural state.

    Molecularly distilled or processed fish oil isn’t really natural anymore, and you should avoid any products that have gone through the esterification process (the process of adding alcohol to the fish oil).

What Are the Top 3 Best Fish Oil Benefits?

There are many health benefits of fish oil, such as the promotion of weight loss, the improvement of your skin condition, and more, but here are the BEST fish oil benefits:

1. The Best Fish Oil Works with Your Brain

The fatty acids in the fish oil are like food for your brain, and in fact your brain cannot function without the fatty acids.

When you don’t get enough of these fatty acids, your concentration starts to slide, your emotions get out of control, and problems can set in. With enough fish oil, you can be a GENIUS (well, really it just makes your brain work better, but not that much…)

2. The Best Fish Oil Works with Your Heart

Those with heart problems know just how terrifying it can be to expect a heart attack at any minute, but taking fish oil is very beneficial to optimizing the conditions that affects your heart.

Fish oil helps to get rid of blood and dietary cholesterol, helps to thin out your blood, destroys fat cells before they are ever formed, and nourish the walls of your blood vessels.

You won’t completely eliminate your heart problems just with fish oil, but you can certainly make your diet and exercise program much more effective.

3. The Best Fish Oil Works with Your Joints

Arthritis is the medical condition when your joints swell up, and the swelling presses on your bones and nerves to cause a good deal of pain (ouch!).

However, fish oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory that you can take to help prevent the swelling.

This means that your joints won’t be able to swell up when taking fish oil, and you can reduce the pain that your arthritis causes.

Pretty awesome stuff, this fish oil…

What is the Best Kind of Fish Oil According to International Fish Oil Standards?

When it comes to finding the best, it can be hard to determine what exactly is “best”. There are international fish oil standards of purity, and obviously the products that meet the standards are considered top notch.

However, there are a few different categories of quality to consider:

Category 1: Cod Liver Oil – The Low Quality Fish Oil

Low also usually means the cheapest.

You can usually get 500 milligrams of Omega 3 from a large, smelly teaspoon of the stuff, and it is partially purified fish oil.

It is not completely pure, however, and thus it presents a fairly high risk of causing toxins and chemicals to fill your body. It also contains a lot of Vitamin A (which can cause problems if taken in too high quantities), so only buy this stuff if you have pennies to spare.

Category 2: Health Food Grade Fish Oil – The Medium Good Fish Oil

For those who have a bit more money to spend on fish oil, a better quality purified fish oil is known as health food grade fish oil.

This type of fish oil will usually inform you what fish it came from, but they still taste pretty bad and thus are sold in the form of capsules.

Some of this fish oil is free of cholesterol, which fish oil concentrate is made using a special process.

The average capsule is sized at 1 gram and contains 300 milligrams of Omega 3, making it a good supplement for those who want casual health benefits. Taking it in large amounts, however, may not be wise, as this type of fish oil often has certain contaminants that the less-than-the-best refining process hasn’t quite gotten out.

Category 3: Ultra Refined Fish Oil – The Best Fish Oil

This is also known as pharmaceutical grade fish oil, and is the high quality fish oil that you are always hearing so much about.

This is the ultra refined, ultra pure fish oil that you want to take when you need all the awesome health benefits, but is also the most expensive.

This stuff is made according to the highest international fish oil standards, and one gram of the stuff usually contains 600 milligrams of Omega 3. It is usually free of all sorts of chemicals or toxins, or contains such small amounts of the harmful substances that you have no cause for concern no matter how much you take. (There really is no way to get out all the chemicals without molecular distillation, thus altering it from its natural form)

How Often to Take Fish Oil Vitamins

“So, now I know all about the different qualities of fish oil, but how often should I take my fish oil vitamins?”

Well, let’s assume for a moment that you purchased the 1 gram capsules rather than the 800 milligram ones or the liquid fish oil.

  • Those with heart disease will usually take one a day
  • Those with high cholesterol will usually take two to four capsules a day
  • Those with depression will usually take one a day
  • Those with arthritis will usually take two per day
  • Those with skin problems will be fine with one per day
  • Those with high blood pressure will usually take two per day
  • Those with asthma will often consume two a day
  • Those with diabetes will take two per day

You can usually take just one if you are a pretty healthy guy or gal, but you will need to take two or more capsules if you have one of these more serious conditions.

How to Compare Fish Oil Supplements

Now, how can you compare fish oil supplements to find the one that will be the best for you?

If you go to the store, you can usually check the labels to find the ingredients, look for the products with the highest purity, read the name of the fish that was used for the oil, check for enteric coating, and see just how much Omega 3 is in each one.

However, you are sitting on the computer rather than in the store, so you have to read online reviews to find out which fish oil is the best for you.

The problem is, most reviews are on one or two products that the reviewer is likely trying to sell, so how can you know which is best?

The answer is: read more reviews.

Sure one review can provide you with lots of great things about a product, but what happens when you read 10 reviews of the same one?

You will usually find out a few negative things about the product, thus helping you to find out the good and the bad.

That is the secret do comparing the fish oil supplements, and reading a few reviews can give you an idea of what each supplement is like. If the reviews are more good than bad, the product is worth looking into further. If the reviews say more bad than good, move on to find other products.

Best Fish Oil: Fish Oil Comparison – Which Brand is the Best?

When it comes to finding the best fish oil brand, it can be pretty hard to do so without thorough investigation.

In order to make it easier for you, below you will find a list of some of the most commonly found fish oil products.

The information is fairly basic, and you would do well to do further research in order to find which of the products are the best for you.

However, you can get a rough idea from the review below:

Carlson Fish Oil

Carlson fish oil contains decent amounts of Omega 3, and the oil is actually flavored with a lemon taste.

The product is usually delivered punctually, and they company has been producing and selling fish oil for many years.

Verdict: High quality and well priced.

Norwegian Fish Oil:

When it comes to getting the best fish oil, there is nothing like Norwegian fish oil. It is made with fish from the deep waters around Norway, and thereby contains as few toxins and chemicals as possible.

It is about as pure as it gets, but it is only for those who are willing to pay for the best as well.

Verdict: Top of the Line but quite costly.

Nature Made Fish Oil:

The taste of Nature Made fish oil is not bad, and there is no smell.

They are quite easy to ingest, and they are one of the lower priced products on the market.

Verdict: Low-priced, fairly effective, lower end of the range.

Spring Valley Fish Oil:

Spring Valley fish oil comes in a wide variety of products, with large capsules, coated capsules, and sure pure fish oil.

It lets you know the amounts of Omega 3 in the product, and it is one of the cheaper options.

Verdict: Low cost, effective, and varied.

Kirkland Spring Oil:

Kirkland uses molecular distillation to ensure that the product is pure, but the bottle doesn’t inform you what the Omega 3 contents are. The bottle is larger (Costco size), and the price is decent.

Verdict: Good for distilled fish oil, and easy to find in Costco.

Fisol Fish Oil:

Fisol fish oil capsules feature an enteric coat that cause the capsule to be absorbed in your intestines, which helps to reduce negative side effects.

They are half-sized at 500 milligrams, therefore easier to take. Vitamin E is added to the 30% Omega 3, making it a good product to take.

Verdict: Good, reliable, mid-priced.

Alaska Fish Oil:

Alaska Fish oil is low in the bad fatty acids in fish oil, and they contain 30% Omega 3. The simple capsules are easy to take, and the coating is fairly edible.

Verdict: Mid-range, well priced, pure fish oil.

Dr. Sears Fish Oil:

Dr. Sears fish oil is made by one of the country’s top scientists in this field, ensuring its effectiveness.

The Omega 3 content is higher than 60%, and it is considered one of the best products on the market.

Verdict: Expensive, but you get what you pay for.

These reviews may be simple, but they can give you an idea of the various products. From here, go forth and do a bit more research to find out which is the best product for you.

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